1930s- 1960s Recovery
Post-prohibition recovery was long and slow in the California wine country. Americans of the 30s & 40s were beer drinkers or preferred hard alcohol. The depression and austerity of the war years did not help matters much. The California wineries that had successfully weathered prohibition (such as Christian Brothers, Beaulieu, Inglenook, Beringer and Larkmead) and those California wineries that opened shortly after its end in 1933 focused mainly on bulk rather than fine California wine production. California developed a reputation as a jug and table wine producing region. Long gone were the days when the California wine country sought to compete with the best wines of Europe.

Things did start to change slowly in the California wine country. After the war, GIs returning from the European theatre brought with them a newfound fondness for wine. The 50s and 60s saw renewed investment throughout the California wine country as a new generation of California winemakers came of age.



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